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River Refelctions: 10 Landscape Architects and 10 Reflection About Rivers


21 Aug 2015

Mr. Thotthanet Luekijna, XSiTE Design Studio's founder and Design Director, is invited to be one of 10 speakers to share his opinion about river as a landscape architect.

Thai Residents Get The Most Luxurious Gardens


8 Aug 2015

Jay Boi's article talking about his view on how XSiTE design team works with all challenges to design the Key Sathorn landscape architecture.

The Key Sathorn – Ratchapreuk project by XSiTE is featured on


11 May 2015

Check it out.

2015 TALA Awards - Excellence Award Winners


7 Apr 2015

Check it out.

TALA AWARD Night 2015 Party


23 Mar 2015

XSiTE team was not only getting 3 design awards from TALA but also received the best dress award in the party!

Thai Landscape Architecture Award (TALA) 2015


10 Mar 2015

Landscape Architects Network (LAN) announces the nominees for the TALA awards with eight categories — each category will have one award for excellence and one to three honor awards. There are 3 projects from XSiTE on the list !