TALA Awards 2015

  • Award of Excellence
  • Community Service & Workshop

Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

PROJECT OWNER: Bhuddhadasa Indapanno Archives (BIA)
LOCATION: SuanRodfai, Bangkok, Thailand
STATUS: Completed in 2010
SCOPE: Concept Design –Construction Drawing
PROJECT AREA: 25,580 sq.m
ARCHITECT: ArsomSlip Institute of the Arts, Plan Studio Co.,Ltd


Design Concept

The purpose of place and heritage of Suan Mokkh Chaiya, is formed the design concept. While Dharma, the teaching of the Bhuddha, is the key design inspiration.

Modern Zen Landscape is used for implement the concept. Most of material used are natural material such as pebbles, stones, grasses that combined with raw rustic surfaces of material such as iron, rusted iron, bare concrete, and wooden. All design elements is composed neatly and differently in each area that depend on its order of approaching and functionality to convey the deep meaning of Bhuddhadasa Bhikkhu’s Buddhism teaching.